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WOUNDED WARRIOR GOLF OUTING - These were donated to a charity near to my heart.  A real hero is somebody that is hurt or killed defending our freedom!  We owe our very existence to these hero's!  Some of us have answered the call to serve and we're fortunate enough not get hurt.  But our Wounded Warriors deserve everything for their sacrifices! 

RELAY FOR LIFE - AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY.  These were used to sell raffle tickets and this in turn raised A LOT of $$$ to go towards the American Cancer Society.  This is awesome, and I encourage anyone asking me about donations to think about this idea (raffle). 

2014 Relay for Life set.  These were donated by me for our Relay Team in Peotone.  Our team managed to raise over $1200 for the American Cancer Society!  Espically close to my heart this year, because I was diagnosed with a rare cancer (note the zebra ribbon on bottom), but thanks to a AWESOME surgeon, prayers by family & friends, and gods will, I was able to survive. 

Kankakee County Republican Golf Outing 2013 

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