Sea Turtle & Dolphin in coral wrap!  These were made for some special people (Auntie Ann & Don), and have made there rounds all over North America.  And they are being played in Texas, until they travel again.   

FLAGS OF HERITAGE -   The perfect Board Idea for that family who is all about their heritage.  Why not have these at your parents house, summer cottage, or where ever.  All kinds of ideas possible.  Poor picture but the gold on the outside and natural wood really make a awesome appearance. 

WITVOET TIRES SALES in Crete.  Reflective decals used.   The picture was taken in no light conditions, with a little flash to show the reflective quality.  Mark Witovet awesome guy & friend, if your in need of tires or tire cares - go visit him. 

Went to Iowa, another referral from family, thanks!  FARMALL BOARDS

FARMALL BOARDS - Went to Family in IOWA!  Cool.  Thanks for the referral from family!  

BLUE KNIGHTS MOTORCYCLE CLUB - POLICE MOTORCYCLE CLUB.  This is a pic of the patch off the vest of the members vests. 

T & R PIPELINE - Texas Oil firm that commisioned me to make these custom boards where there logo. 

Crown Point Christian Academy - We did these for there yearly raffle to help raise money for school.

Harley Davidson, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA are protected logos. 

Protected logos where purchased seperately by customer and customer applied on their boards. 

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