Boards feature one piece fold up legs with bottle holders.  Solid construction framing with double cross braces. 

Boards with full graphics $220 (except Cubs brick and ivy) 

Boards stained with graphics $220

Boards with Bags $240

Led Hole lights or Carry Case add $30 

Led Hole lights and Carrying case $55

Bags Duck Cloth $25

Bags Slide and Stick $45 (updgrade duck cloth bags + $30)  

Magnetic Scoreboard for back of board $15 one $25 two


Bundle Prices 

Boards, Bags, Lights, Case $285

Boards, Bags, Lights, Case, Magnetic Scoreboard $300

Boards, Slide/Stick Bags, Lights, Case, Magnetic Scoreboard $310



Harley Davidson, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and NCAA are protected logos. 

Protected logos where purchased seperately by customer and customer applied on their boards. 

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